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Tokenisation and gamification are two popular patterns in stimulating customer engagement nowadays. Blockchain - due to its secure and transparent nature - is the perfect technology to base your own community token on. Or perhaps just an HR token for internal use within your organisation? Have a look at what we can build for you in the section below.

Loyalty Programs

Every wise entrepreneur will tell you that it is much more economic to retain good clients than to find new ones. A long range of loyalty programs have been worked out by organisations in the past. However, most of them suffer from the fact that these loyalty platforms are setup in siloed environments. Setting up partnerships with other organisations to benefit from the same loyalty program can be a very time and resource consuming process. Nothing like that with blockchain. Once you've set up the first node and defined the rules for the loyalty token, the consortium network can grow easily with clear rules for every organisation and without the need for painful integrations. Fully customised and flexible.

A Fun Way to Attract Clients

Smartphones dominate our daily lives. We are spending more and more of our time watching these ever growing screens. By making use of blockchain technology and tokenisation, we offer the perfect solution to reach clients in a fun and effortless way in these digital times. Our token library consists of a wide range of reusable modules that you can bring together in your own custom token. We are here to help you with the design of your token economics model. Your own customer token is only a few steps away!

The Possibilities are Endless

With blockchain technology, the major issues for secure value transfer over the internet are solved. So let's be ambitious and think about all the opportunities we have available. Tokenisation will become more and more important in the near future. Citizen participation, customer engagement, employee satisfaction, gamification... These are just some keywords correlated with the power of tokenisation. Next to that, token transactions are mirroring real-life events and will provide a lot of data and useful insights for governments and organisations. Blockchain gets things moving!

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