Start-up Coaching


We know starting a new business is not evident. Founders face multiple challenges at the same time which can distract attention from the core business of the start-up. We provide our knowledge and expertise to lift some of this weight off your shoulders.

We Can Build your MVP

Technology-oriented start-ups are in good hands with Pandeia. We can provide our services to implement a first stable version of your product - a Minimal Viable Product or MVP - to sell to your clients. Your idea and proposition will grow together with your business and this will happen at a fast pace. We'll help you translate this to a working product, so you can get valuable market feedback from your customer base as soon as possible.

Financial and Operational Support

Of course not only the technical aspects matter. We often see founders that have great ideas and a lot of ambitions to make them come true, but could use the advice from people that have done the same thing in the past. There will be commitments to clients that have to be managed. Moreover, a well-balanced financial plan is essential to make your business flourish. We have the people available for your start-up to coach you in these important business aspects.

Ready for the future?

Our coaching services are just the beginning. Of course we don't want to hold back your business. After we've done our job, your start-up will have all it takes to make it happen and scale at top speed. Ready, set, go!

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