Smart Contract Development


Disrupting an industry does not come by itself. It takes a lot of ambition to talk with all stakeholders in order to revolutionise processes that are as old as the industry itself. But aren't we done with paper contracts by now? Isn't it time to stop sending fragmented spreadsheets over and over again? We help you see the benefits of digital contracts by taking a hands-on approach and actually build them together with you. The age of shared business logic is around the corner. And blockchain technology is the key to make it happen.

Compliance by Design

It's a pretty simple concept if you think about it. The blockchain is a ledger of transactions, securely stored and constantly being monitored at every single participating organisation. A Smart Contract merely is the business logic that has the power to create transactions based on certain occurring events. But this combination is what makes the concept of Smart Contracts so powerful. By using a Smart Contract, multiple organisations working on a shared process will be able to work together in a much more efficient way, without the need for a central third party to verify mutual agreements are being honoured. Compliance with the agreement is built within the process itself.

Traceability and Intelligent Automation

It is one thing to automate a process. The most challenging part, however, is to harvest all possible data about an automated process and learn from it. Automation should never have an end. By providing full traceability over actions and results, spanning multiple organisations and frequently recurring transactions, blockchain and Smart Contracts are the perfect tools to build an Intelligent Automation that is able to improve continuously. The key here is that we're bringing data together and opening up the siloed data landscape. As a fun coincidence, we are specialised in combining the benefits from blockchain technology and AI to bring your operational processes to a whole new level of automation.

One Single Source of Truth

With the distributed ledger as the single source of truth for all stakeholders involved, disputes about the chain of facts can finally belong to the past. Especially for high-value asset transfers like diamonds, oil and medicines, blockchain technology has the potential to reduce costs to a high extent by making the whole supply chain more resilient and easier to reconcile. Moreover, insurance claims can be settled in no time as the history of events is immutably recorded on the ledger.

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