Cloud-Native Development


Heavy monolithic applications belong to the past, if you ask us. We are going all-in on cloud-native development using the latest and best technology stacks for deploying and managing fine-grained microservices. Yes, we're talking Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins and all of that awesomeness. Write once, deploy everywhere, scale anytime.

CI/CD From the Start

We know Continuous Integration and Continuous Development are key aspects in software development today. We know it's so old-fashioned to wait 3 months before you can see and test out the application for the first time in a live environment. That's why we have built our own CI/CD toolset so every customer can benefit from it, directly from the start. This makes it a lot easier to test out new features from the day they are being implemented. You give us a shout, we build it and you immediately see it come to life.

Autoscaling - Both Up and Down

Who will tell what amount of traffic you can expect to your application? Of course you can base this on historical data, but you can never be sure about it. And the last thing you want to happen is customers having to wait 10 seconds for a page to load. An application by itself can never be prepared for the worst case scenario. By using the latest innovations in cloud-native development, our applications and surrounding infrastructure are always prepared to max out in specs. At the same time, if it gets a bit quiet, we make sure the application scales down as well. So you never pay excessive costs for hosting.

API Design and Integration

The choice for microservices does involve quite some challenges. Of course, we are professionals and know how to deal with these. By following best practices and trusted design patterns for microservice-based architectures, we make life easy for you and offer elegant and well-documented APIs to our solutions. You only have to care about leveraging the flexibility and benefits microservices will bring. We take care of the rest.

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