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You are leading the practice here. You will get full responsibility to design the components of the global solution architecture and how they work together. You will make important decisions regarding protocols to use, the size and granularity of the components and how to maintain them without putting stress on the system. Next to that, you are capable of managing a team of developers and you know how to deal with every situation that may rise. This does not mean that you should be able to solve all of this on your own! We value open communication more than anything else. The right person to help you might be sitting just around the corner 🙋.

In terms of technical requirements, we don't want to make the list too long or make the profile virtually impossible to find. We have a set of values that we think the person applying for this job should possess. This cannot be measured according to some dry requirements. For that reason, we also take distance from live coding tests or anything like that.

That said, you should have some experience with the following set of technologies or concepts:

  • Object-Oriented Programming in a language like Java, C#, C++, Python, JavaScript etc.
  • Best practices in API design (REST, RPC, Protocol Buffers, WebSockets etc.)
  • Some clues about DevOps (CI/CD, Jenkins, GitLab CI, CircleCI, Docker etc.)

Don't be fixed too much on these requirements. We look at the person and skills behind the curriculum. Don't hesitate to send us an open application, too!

Anyway... You're always invited to give us a visit in Heerlen or Leuven ☕

See you around!

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