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We are a technology-first company based in Belgium and The Netherlands, oriented towards state-of-the-art innovation and looking to push the limits of digital automation. We are implementing blockchain applications beyond the hype and drive them even higher by adding the power of AI. Give us a call or send us a message and we'll show you how blockchain technology can disrupt your industry today!

Paving the way for widespread adoption

Thanks to our readily available custom SDKs for all major blockchain platforms and the best tools in data engineering, we have you covered along the way while going to production at the speed of light. Moreover, being partnered with some of the largest tech firms in the world, we are standing on the shoulders of giants and are able to integrate all of this new technology in existing infrastructures, without any friction.


Introducing Pandeia OmniTrace™

OmniTrace™ is a proprietary methodology developed by Pandeia with the purpose of bringing current supply chain businesses to the next level of operational efficiency. In short, OmniTrace™ is a three-step process, focused on stakeholder management and involvement, supported by a range of software tools to implement and integrate Smart Contracts in your day-to-day life. We'll show you how this works in practice below!

Pandeia OmniTrace
  1. 1
    Design the Smart Contract

    We organize a workshop in which we interactively design the Smart Contract for a selected business process. When we have the final result, we develop it in a matter of weeks.

  2. 2
    Execute the Smart Contract in Production

    When everything is set up and the integrations between the Smart Contracts and your legacy applications are made, let's bring it to life and experience the increase in operational efficiency yourself!

  3. 3
    Continuous Improvement by Machine Learning

    A Smart Contract can never be perfect from the first try. It's a natural process to let it evolve over time in accordance with the needs of your processes and stakeholder requirements. That's why we've implemented a smart machine learning algorithm, which will make sure your Smart Contract will be self-learning and adjust to its environment.

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Our Services

Our team is specialised in building high-quality, end-to-end solutions using the best technology stacks. Discover how blockchain technology can disrupt your industry today.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain & Smart Contract Solutions

Pandeia is your reference for all things decentral! We see a lot of potential for blockchain as an essential tool to make current business processes significantly more efficient. By transferring knowledge on this topic and organising hands-on workshop sessions, we make our clients see for themselves that blockchain is here to stay. And everyone can benefit!

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Artificial Intelligence

Data Science & Data Engineering

Artificial Intelligence might sound futuristic, but it is being applied today and everyone can make use of it. Building further on the best open-source tools, we are able to design enterprise-grade data solutions. Be it for insightful data analysis, machine learning algorithms or evolutionary programming - we have you covered and will bring your business to a new level of intelligent automation.

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Application Development

Web & Mobile Development

AI, blockchain, IoT... They all have one thing in common: they cannot work without a stable surrounding system. We believe new technology can only be applied when it builds further on the incredible stuff that has been accomplished in the past decades. Therefore, our team is specialised in traditional software engineering, too. Let's build something great together!

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Applied Innovation

We'd like to share our knowledge as much as possible. Applying innovation goes further than building great software. We are helping our clients to integrate innovation as part of their organisation philosophy. Let us be the guiding light in order to grasp and truly understand the potential of new technologies within your business area.

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