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You are a true handyman - or girl 🙅‍♀️! Python, PHP, C#, Java, JavaScript... It all makes sense to you. You don't need to be the one guy or girl on the floor with 30 years of experience in any of these languages. Heck, even 5 years is a long time in this space. We prefer to see an inspiring mind with the eagerness to learn everything that comes around in the wonderful world of IT. If that would comprise decentralisation and blockchain technology too, well... When can you start?!

We are in great need of people like you. More specifically, we're targeting someone who:

  • Likes to work in an inspiring start-up environment
  • Has no problem to work fully remote if needed
  • Has around 2 years of experience in programming, be it professionally or from some good late night, spare time coding sessions
  • Does not fear terms like zero-knowledge proofs, Turing-complete Smart Contracts, Merkle-trees and asymmetrical cryptography

Do you align with this profile? Let's have a chat and see if we can build the future together!

See you around!

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